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Year 5 - Mr. Rowlinson

Summer 1

In class, we have been learning about:

R.E.: we are concluding our Easter topics related to sacrifice by linking volunteering to Jesus’ teachings and imagining what it must have been like to stand at the foot of the Cross as Jesus died. How would that have impacted our lives?

Topic: Extraordinary Earth - we have launched our new topic by learning about the water cycle, including making it rain in an experiment!

Maths: we have been using co-ordinates in two quadrants, reflecting polygons in the y axis and translating shapes on the grid. We have also been consolidating our knowledge about area and perimeter, and will shortly be starting to estimate volumes.

English: we are continuing to share "The Dreamsnatcher" by Abi Elphinstone.  

We have been sharing some spooky stories and identifying the features that keep us on the edge of our seats! We will now be moving on to writing our own scary stories packed with suspense!

Science: we are starting our new topic of living things and habitats by learning about reproduction in plants.

P.E.: with summer (hopefully) fast approaching, it is time for athletics!

This week's homework sheets are below:

Topic web for the Summer Term

General information

Our P.E. days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Normal school P.E. kit is needed on both days.

Grammar and Punctuation links

Mathematics links


Visit from the Year 5s from Stokes Wood Primary School

Our Year 5s were delighted to host a visit from their peers at Stokes Wood Primary School.  The purpose was to show our guests around St Thomas More Catholic Church and share our knowledge about the various religious items from the sanctuary lamp to the statues, the tabernacle to the processional cross, plus many more!  The visit was a tremendous success!  A few photos from the visit are below...

Our Year 5 Victorian School Day!

Our Christmas hats!

Our Victorian Day at Rockingham Castle

Grammar posters

We produced posters to help us remember what nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, determiners and pronouns are.  Some of us did make a few mistakes, but a great deal of effort went into the posters so all have been included below.

Members of the Jewish faith keep a copy of the Shema prayer in a Mezuzah in their homes.  These are attached to doorposts and are touched as a sign of respect when they are passed.

Motion: This house believes that animals should be kept in zoos.

Welcome to scenes from our formal class debate!  The motion was narrowly defeated by 14 votes to 9.