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Check out the Year 4/5 class page for...

I have enjoyed watching all of your amazing hidden talents. Thank you so much to everyone for sending them in.

All of the talents have been uploaded onto the Yr 4/5 class page for you to watch and enjoy!


We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!

As you can see from the video above, the staff at St Thomas More have been getting a little creative over the Easter holidays. Can you spot Miss Kersten and I? Thank you to Mrs O'Brien for organising this. 

Year 5

Mr Plant

Welcome to our Year 5 Class page!


Please find below a link to some resources which you might be able to use at home as a family to help focus on your relationship with God and to spend some time in prayer.

Prayer Resources - Thomas Aquinas

Update 2nd July

I hope you all continue to enjoy your home learning. Please continue to use the web page to access the Oak Academy lessons. I have uploaded more reading comprehension and the Swing of Change lessons below. Furthermore, I shall be updating the My Maths page so pupils can access new activities to support Maths learning. Continue to use Read Theory and Times Tables Rock Stars too!  

Ongoing communication

I will reply as quickly as possible today, but there is a problem with the school's internet so it will take longer than normal.

As I will be working in school up until the 10th July supporting key worker children, I shall do my best to reply via the Year 5 class email but I will not be able to reply straight away.

Furthermore, please check out the very bottom of this class page for the Year 5 and 6 spelling list with a practise sheet. 

Many thanks for your support,

Mr Plant 

You got a friend in me!

Here it is folks

June / July 2020

Good Morning Year 5!

For those not joining me in school, please follow the guidance below for home learning.

Oak Academy online for home learning

As mentioned in my email, the Oak National Academy is a great resource. Here, you will find daily English, Maths and Foundation subject lessons. Please click here to access the Year 5 home learning page. The daily schedule is the easiest way to navigate through the website. Please continue to practise your spellings and times tables at home too. 

Kenzuke's Kingdom

Please click here for today's reading comprehension (Monday 6th July). Apologies for the late upload. We are still having issues with our school internet. 

I look forward to receiving more great work from you over the last few weeks of term.

Feel free to catch up with any other learning you have missed by click on the resources below. 

I look forward to seeing you in school over the next few weeks. 

Mr Plant 

Please click here to access the NDCYS website, where you will find a whole host of resources and videos to engage pupils and to encourage thought and discussion about our Catholic faith. They have worked hard to re design their website and Youtube page. 

Every Monday at 9.30 am, there is the weekly 9.30 club that can be found via the NDCYS live youtube page. It's a good way for pupils to start their week by discussing the issues of the day and linking in with schools all over the East Midlands. 

On a Friday, there is a weekly quiz that you can take part in. 

Please click here to access the primary 5-a-day Maths we are completing in school. This is a useful and important revision tool to cover the Maths Key Stage Two Curriculum ready for Year 6. On the website, you will find a list of dates. You need to find today's date and then click to download the bronze, silver, gold or platinum activity. 

Please find the answers to the daily worksheets for July here. 

Please continue to practise your times tables in preparation for Year 6. Click here to access the website. 

Please continue to revise practise your maths skills across all topic areas by completing your My Maths activities online. They are a good way to apply your fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. I have set every Year 5 up ( including Mrs Ramsell and Mrs Cumming's children) with the Year 5 revision pack up until the end of August. 

Click here to access the website. 

60 Second Reads 

Please download and complete these 60-second reads to help you practise your reading comprehension skills. 

Life Cycles Activity Pack 

  1. Help, I'm stuck 
  2. Metamorphosis 
  3. Penguin Life Cycle 
  4. The Life Cycle of a Flower 

Mystery, Chills and Thrills Activity Pack 

  1. Help
  2. Roller coasters
  3. UFO Sighting
  4. Whodunnit Poem 

The Victorians

  1. Christmas Crackers
  2. Jobs for Children
  3. Victorian Toys
  4. Who Was Florence Nightingale?


60 - seconds reads guidance for parents and pupils

This week's NDCYS calendar. Please read through the sheet and reflect on the theme. How do you live this out? What can we all do to show this? What are we already doing? What can we do better? 

Here are the links to the five lessons I used based on the clip swing of change. Here is the link to the you tube video. The Year 5 pupils who had completed the writing using this clip found it engaging and really enjoyed it. Feel free to download the power points and complete the work at home. 

Lesson 1 : Setting description. 

Lesson 2 : Relative clauses and expanded noun phrases to describe a character. 

Lesson 3: Dialogue between two characters.

Lesson 4 : Cohesion to describe the passing of time in the clip.

Lesson 5 : Tension and suspense when there is a dramatic change in mood.

Spellings, spellings spellings! This will be a very important component of pupils' writing when the begin Year 6 and pupils will be expected to spelling most words from the 5 / 6 list.

Please click on the links below to practise the Year 5 and 6 words as well as revise the Year 3 and 4 words (these should be spelt correctly). 

Year 5 and 6 word list

Years 3 and 4 word list


Year 5 and 6 spellings test to support pupils' practise at home. 

Pupil test

Answer page 


Year 3 and 4 spelling test (revision)

Don't forget to use Read Theory to help practise your reading comprehension skills. Please message me before Friday if you have misplaced your log in. 


Enjoy each other's writing about the alien we woke up to and also the diary of 'Tang fu', the unfortunate recipient of a parcel delivered by Johnny Express... all of these are in blogs in Purple Mash!


Have a look at these amazing pictures that have been produced by Amara, Chaela, Kimberly and Oliver. 

What talented artists!  Stunning pieces of work!  Well done!

Here are some excellent examples of pointillism from Chaela, Gabriel, Isla and Kimberly...


Have a look at the brilliant posters from Anna, Chaela, Gabriel, Isla, Issabella, Kane, Kimberly, Seb H and Sophia KT...

Daniel has made an excellent slide show (open the original PowerPoint here)...

... and here is Florian's fantastic slide show (open the original PowerPoint here)!

Enjoy the brilliant 3-D artwork from Anna, Arthur, Chaela, Florian, Gabriel, Issabella, Kane, Kimberly and Seb H...

We used our design technology skills (plus a few other skills) to create a money box, a marble run, a boat or a roller coaster using materials we found at home! 

Have a look at these excellent designs (the photos all come first with the videos below): Chaela's money box, Florian's boat, Gabriel's landing ship, Isla's combined money and worries box, Kimberly's boat, Oliver's boat, plus Sophia KT's money box...

... and here is Lorenzo's fantastic marble run!

... and Oliver's equally fantastic boat!

... and Seb H's equally fantastic marble run!

... and Kane's (also) equally fantastic money box!

... and Florian's (also) equally fantasic boat!

Wednesday's lesson...

We took ourselves on a texture treasure hunt to complete unique pieces of art.

Admire the artistic creations from Chaela, Florian, Isla, Joseph and Kane...


Kicking off our new science topic: Animals including humans, we researched examples of life cycles that feature metamorphosis.

Marvel at these magnificent metamorphosis posters from Florian, Gabriel, Issabella, Kane, Kimberly and Roen...

... and this outstanding slide show from Sophia KT!  There are some excellent animation effects too (download the full PPT file here)!


On Monday 8th June, we took part in World Ocean Day.

Isla has emailed this fact-packed collection of important information...

Learn more about World Ocean Day by reading Chaela's fascinating poster...

Oliver decided to produce a PowerPoint with some very powerful messages...

There are also powerful messages for us all in Sebastien's poster...

Kimberly has produced these informative posters about World Ocean Day...

... and Gabriel has shared some amazing information with us too...

Florian shares some key messages with us in his poster...

Kane is reminding us of important facts below...

... and Lorenzo is telling us to 'Save our Seas'.

Seb H has important messages for us about the dangers facing coral...

... and Amara is telling us why the ocean matters... 

... and Sophia KT tells us that plastic pollution "needs to stop".

... and finally, wise words from Sofia, followed by her excellent slide show!


We've been creating images based on one or both of our hands.  Can you spot the hand in the work below?

Take a look at Chaela's amazing work!...

Here's a very friendly-looking dog from Alice...

... and a very mixed selection of ideas from Florian!

Lorenzo's range of ideas are displayed below...

... and here is Anna's excellent idea...

... and here's a super selection of ideas from Sebastien...

... and here's a great selection of ideas from Seb H.

...and, last but not least, here are Daisy's wonderful pictures!


Although we can't travel overseas at the moment, we flew off (virtually!) to explore the continent of Asia...

Here is Lorenzo's fact-packed presentation!  If you would like to see all of his excellent animation effects, download the PowerPoint here!

Please take a look at Kimberly's super research about South Korea and Thailand...

and Gabriel's fantastic posters about the Philippines and Brunei!

Here are Isla's fact-packed guides to China and the United Arab Emirates...

A long time in the making, but well worth the effort... here is Florian's Project Asia slide show...

Kane has emailed his latest narrated presentation... please take a look below... download the version with Kane's professional narration here...

... and here is Daniel's detailed review of Asia, including fascinating studies of the Maldives and Mongolia.

Enjoy Sebastien's terrific tour of China and Russia...

In Science, we researched the first SpaceX mission to take men to the ISS...

Have a look below at the magnificent SpaceX posters from Alice, Chaela, Gabriel, Isla, Kimberly and Seb H... such talented young people!

Sophia K-T has made this excellent presentation, which also includes information about the International Space Station itself...

Kane has produced a brilliant presentation (see below).  But, to get the full effect, including his own audio track, download the PowerPoint here!

... and next we have the fact-packed presentation from Lorenzo!  Enjoy!

The next incredible presentation is from Seb N!  You're so talented!

... and last, but by no means least, here's how Florian has taken all of his research and organised it into an excellent presentation!  If you want to see the full effect, download it here!

Ahead of our arrival on the International Space Station, we have written letters introducing ourselves to the astronaut and cosmonauts who are already on board. 

A random selection of our letters are below (others are in the 'Who am I?' blog in Purple Mash) ... please have a read and get to know us!  We're looking forward to meeting you!

Here are some great examples of the amazing work going on at home! I am very impressed with the quality of new learning that is taking place. Thank you to pupils and parents for their continued effort. I hope everyone is excited about our topic, 'Jump Aboard to Japan'. 

Dig out those log ins and get revisiting those all important times tables year 5. I would recommend you have a go at the sound check first to help you recall those times tables facts as quickly as possible. I shall be checking up to see who is top of the leader board! :) If you don't have your log in, then please email me using the class email. 

Spellings for Year 5 and 6 to practise in the afternoons. I have added a look, say, cover sheet to help you practise these spellings more precisely. Aim to practise three times a week please.  

Please visit our Physical Education page for Active Anita and our new Virtual Athletics Challenge.