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Year 6 - Mr Rowlinson

 Click on the links below to watch the Year 6 celebration videos: 


WELL DONE for completing

The Big Sleep Out at Home!

Be very, very proud of yourselves - you are all AWESOME

(not that you weren't to start with, of course!).

Here are the photos from the Big Sleep Out at Home. They've not been sorted in any particular way, but please enjoy them!  It was a great night for a great cause!

The Big Sleep Out at Home was featured on Thursday night's East Midlands Today (sorry that it's a bit wobbly!):

... and there was an update on Friday...

News article from the Leicester Mercury on Friday 17th July:

News article from First News on 24th July:

Details of the challenges that you took part in during the Big Sleep Out at Home:

An update on the end-of-year celebrations:
  • Miss Kelsall has been working hard at putting the Leavers' Book together - thank you - but it looks like we have run out of printing time, so it will be given out at the Awards' Evening after the summer, along with a couple of other goodies!  Thank you for all of the photos - they are brilliant and look amazing on your pages!
  • Thank you for all the videos for "Reach".  I thought that you would rise to the challenge and be fantastic with your performances, but you have exceeded all my expectations!  The video can be enjoyed using the link at the top of the page.
  • Sammy's mum has been busy gathering videos of your messages - thank you for organising this.  Again, this is at the top of the page.
  • The final video challenge is the water fight - link at the top of the page.
  • Plus, the Big Sleep Out at Home has taken place.  What a success!  Thank you to everyone who took part and to all those who have sponsored Year 6!  A special thank you to Abi, Aoife, Eliana & Zoe, plus their mums and Alice (the inspiration behind the STM Big Sleep Outs back in 2017) - this would not have happened without you!    
After the summer holidays, we will get back together for the traditional Awards' Assembly, plus we'll see what else we can do to make it a proper party that gives you the send-off you deserve!  We will also do the traditional shirt signing then!
Once everything is safe again, we will have our Laserforce Party, which may well double-up as the Year 6 Reunion as this may not be until early in 2021.  However, it will be well worth the wait and you will have loads to tell us about your new schools!


If you have any questions, email me at  

You have been a genuine pleasure to teach - you are all very special young people!

Enjoy the summer holidays and see you soon!

Mr R.


Here are some links I would recommend:

  • Try Numerise - sign up for free and be ready for maths at secondary!
  • Continue practising your 5-a-day - the answers are there too!
  • Have a go at online lessons covering a range of subjects at the Oak National Academy - you don't have to stick to today's lessons... have a look around and take your pick!
  • If you don't like these, try BBC Bitesize where you'll find a huge range of lessons to choose from!... or choose the subjects that interest you!
  • We may be in lockdown, but that won't stop us from virtually exploring the world!  Log into Oddizzi with username STMYEAR6 and password stmyear6 and off you go!
  • If you haven't finished reading "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio, then click here for the rest of the book from where we left it at half term!
  • Other alternatives are listed below the Year 7 Challenge.


The 'new friends' challenge!

In September, you might be starting at a secondary school that only a few of your friends/peers are attending, or maybe none at all. Even if your friends/peers are starting with you, you may not always be in the same classes or have the same timetable as them. This brings an exciting opportunity... to make even more friends, probably with other Year 7s who are feeling exactly the same as YOU!  So, you have something in common to start with! That's a great foundation, so let's build on it!

Watch this short video to help gather some ideas on the best way to make friends and speak to family members, older siblings, older friends and other adults around you. What were their experiences?  What were their challenges and how did they overcome them?  Talk about any worries about friendships that are on your mind and come up with a plan of how YOU are going to tackle them.  Talk to classmates on the phone or online and share your ideas.  If you're one of the few who are feeling really confident about making new friends in Year 7, then think about how YOU will help others who are less confident.

Once you've talked to a few people, shared ideas and come up with possible solutions, make a poster with the title: "How to succeed at the 'new friends' challenge!" and email it to me.  I'll gather all of your ideas together and put them on the webpage so that we can all be inspired and encouraged!  Be honest with each other, have fun making your poster and let's crack this challenge together!


The 'independent thinker' challenge!

As you start secondary school, you will increasingly need to be an independent thinker.  What skills and personal qualities will you need to have and what things will you now need to think about as part of becoming more independent?  For example, being organised: being able to prepare for the next school day, having the right books, kit, food etc.  What have your parents done for you whilst you have been at primary school that you can now start doing for yourselves?  Discuss ideas with adults and older siblings around you.

Create a poster or a checklist that you can put up in your bedroom that will be a helpful reminder each day.  Please email me a photo of it as well.


The 'personal qualities' challenge!

In a number of lessons this year, we have talked about the fact that we all have different qualities, skills and talents.  It is this unique blend of personal qualities and features that makes us all very special: we all bring something different and valuable to the lives of those around us and will continue to do so with our new friends and teachers at secondary school.

Discuss your qualities with the people around you.  Think about how you use these qualities to help yourself and to make a difference to those around you today and how you might use these qualities to help your Year 7 community thrive at secondary school!

Art can be a great tool for self-exploration and self-expression.  Create a piece of artwork which represents your personality.  This could be a picture or something more abstract using materials available at home.  You may find that listening to your favourite music encourages or inspires you as you plan and complete this challenge. 

Once you've finished, discuss it with those around you.  Explain what you wanted to represent in this piece and how you revealed your personality!  Please email me a photo of your work as well!


The 'building on your achievements' challenge!

You have achieved so much at primary school and now is the time to reflect on all of your achievements.  Think about how you have pushed yourself to have a go in maths, English, P.E., friendships, trying out new things, influencing what happens at school, standing for elections etc.  What do you regard as being your biggest achievements?  What is the achievement you are most proud of?  What has been really hard work for you, but the momentum of your growing success is now steadily building and will take you to even greater success at secondary school?

Discuss all of these questions with someone around you and make some notes.  Once you have your ideas clear in your mind, represent these neatly on a poster.  Once you've finished, step back and look at it.  Wow!  These are just some of the many achievements you have made at primary school!  Be very proud of yourself!  Please take a photo and send me a copy.  Put your poster up on your wall and admire it every day!  Show everyone at home too!

It is all of these achievements that now provide you with the incredibly strong foundation upon which you will build your many, many new successes at secondary school.  That's a very exciting prospect!


Numerise is a new maths website that will help you get ready for secondary school.

  • General revision

Daily revision of all topics can be found using this link.

  • Targeted revision

Think about the areas where you feel least confident and then use these tools to help you practise and be even better!

If you need reminders of how to do things, there are helpful videos linked here, plus there are 'Mathematics links' with guidance based on methods we have used in class near the bottom of this page.

Click here to launch the targeted revision activities.  Once you've launched the page, I suggest that you select the Arithmetic Boosters (Codes 1-10) or Reasoning Boosters (11-48) and then select the topic that you would like to practise.  For each question, there is a YouTube link which shows you the working and the answer.

Some of the activities require a password.  Click here if you need it.

  • Let's play some maths games...!

Have a go at one or more of these:

Battleships - click on the link here to play against the computer

Try out some games at

The Sliding Game - click on the link here, read the instructions, then scroll down and play the interactive version.

The Countdown numbers game - click on the link here, read the rules and off you go (if you've not seen it on the TV before, click on this link to see a video of the TV show - the example in the video is a tough one, so don't be put off!).

Jumping Reindeer - click on the link here, read the rules and have a go.  You can print a game board off from here, where you will also find the solution.

Catch up with the team at the Briars on the ndcys live YouTube channel....

We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!

Here is a selection of the incredible work produced while the ‘online classroom’ was open earlier in the term... 

Take a look at Sam G's excellent work for Project Asia...

... and here is Sienna C's super slide show!

Davin has produced this fact-packed presentation...


Watch the Ellis Family playing Project Bingo around Leicester!...

Emelia has been very busy in the kitchen making chocolate pancakes!  Watch both videos and make sure you have an adult's permission before you have a go...


Here is Eliana's impresseive leaflet about Kampala...

Tallulah has succeeded in tempting us to go to Disneyland Paris...

Izzy is telling us why we should visit the Warner Brothers Studios where the Harry Potter films were made...

Fatima has produced this very impressive leaflet about Disneyland Paris...

... and for something a little different, but just as brilliant!

Wow!  These are the incredible posters that you've produced so far!  Well done and thank you to Abi, Aoife, Ben, Davin, Donncha, Eliana, Imu, Izzy, Joseph, Lily, Luca, Lucas, Maddy, Sam G, Sammy, Seb and William.  They are being distributed to the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating people in our parish community!  They have also been posted on the school and parish Twitter feeds.  Additionally, Mrs. Crosse has printed off copies to brighten up the school! Thank you, again!


These are the ones that I've received so far.  All are outstanding! 

Well done to Abi, Adam R, Aoife, Ben, Callum, Charlie, Eliana, Emelia, Fatima, Izzy, Jaeden, Joseph, Sam G, Sammy, Seb, William and Zoe.


Keep calm. Stay wise. Be kind.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Action for Happiness has created a 'Coping Calendar' (see below) which focuses on small actions we can all do each day to look after ourselves and others while self-isolating or simply staying at home.  Please take some time to look at it and discuss the actions with your families and friends.  Check in with everyone to make sure they're OK.


Grammar and Punctuation links

Mathematics links

Please visit our Physical Education page for Active Anita and our new Virtual Athletics Challenge.

Round 4 challenge.

Do you want to walk for charity like Captain Tom?

Lap for NHS FLyer

LC and SL Sponsorship Form NHS (1).pdf


Letter to go to Parents.pdf