St. Thomas More

Catholic Voluntary Academy

Newstead Road, Leicester Leicestershire LE2 3TA

0116 2706365 | @STMleicester

Years 1/2 

Mrs Wheat and Mrs Whitmore

Advent 1


Our topic is All about me 

Statement To Live By  - I can laugh and have fun.

 Welcome to our class page
We hope you all managed to have a break and enjoy the summer.
Our day starts at 8.40 and ends at 3.10.

Please use the green gate entrance on Newstead Road. 

The adults working in our class are Mrs Wilson, Mrs Coyle, Mrs Cownley and Mrs Shoker.

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Our P.E. day is Monday. Please come to school wearing your P.E. kit and trainers.




Friday 18th September


Year 1


Play this game to practise grapheme recognition. Ask your child to tell you each of the sounds they know. Choose 3 graphemes they recognise and one they don't know to practise.  


Play this game to practise counting. Choose the appropriate challenge for your child


Year 2

Spelling practice

Choose Year 2 and Book 10. Practise spelling the number names


Practise addition of single digit numbers using this game. Choose the level which which challenges you the most!

Year 1 and 2 Bug Club

Please log in to Bug Club and read a book from 'My Stuff' or your library. Please send an email to if there are any problems with your details. 

Reading books will be issued on Monday. 


If your child is self isolating or awaiting COVID-19 test results, please use these links to support their learning.

English - How Butterflies Came to Be. Please follow the sequence of 5 lessons.



Y1 Maths - Please watch the video for the correct day of the week

M-One to one correspondence       T- Compare objects        W- Introduce <,> and =        Th- Compare numbers  F- Comparing activity

Y2 Maths - Please watch the video for the correct day of the week

M-Tens and ones using addition             T- Using a place value chart                  W- Compare objects           

Th- Compare numbers               F- Order objects and numbers

 Please email for a copy of the supporting worksheets to be emailed to you.