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Year 3- Mrs Lambert

Hello Year 3!

Just when I thought Year 3 couldn't possibly be more amazing, you impress me even more with the incredible work you have completed at home! 

You (and your parents!) have worked extremely hard this week and I couldn't be more proud! Take a look below- can you spot yours?

Don't forget to stay in touch through our class blogs on PurpleMash. I would love to hear more about what you are getting up to! We also have the class email address which is  to send me any work. 

I can’t wait to have you all back in the classroom having fun and learning together but in the meantime, keep smiling and take care.

God bless,

Mrs Lambert.

Bible Challenge: 30.3.20

Bible Challenge winner for 3.4.20 is....... Oscar!!

Easter Arts & Crafts Activities Eggs-travangaza!

Statement to Live By


Click HERE to view this week's extraORDOnary video from the NDCYS.

Below you can follow the amazing things that happen in our Liturgical Calendar. It’s a chance to really explore the rich Church year.

At some point in the week, you could plan and hold a short Collective Worship for either yourself, or other members of your household.

Perhaps you would like to create a Prayer Table or Space for your family, just like the one we have in class. 

Creating a Prayer Space reminds everyone in the household that prayer is an important part of everyday life. When you create a Prayer Space in your home, you are reminded of God’s presence at all times, while also making a connection between church and home. You can use an end table or coffee table, on a mantel or shelf. Invite family members to check out the space on a daily basis.

Your Prayer Life

Please find below a link to some resources which you might be able to use at home, as a family, to help focus on your relationship with God, and to spend some time in prayer. 

Suggested Daily Timetable

Below is a suggested routine for your day that myself and the other KS2 teachers came up with. You don't have to completely stick to it, but it's a good way  to help you balance work with rest and free time.  

Check back here each morning for suggested daily tasks.

Week 2

Bonus Activities!

I have been asked for some French and Music activities, so please find some suggested activities below.


Click HERE to listen to Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World' (ask a grown up to skip any ads!)

Complete the song appreciation sheet and then have a go at writing your own version!

 Song appreciation- What a Wonderful World.docxDownload
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Watch and enjoy any of the French songs by Alain Le Lait on Youtube by clicking HERE!

You could...

Memorise a song and sing it to your family. Make a poster of the lyrics and decorate. Find a translation of the lyrics. 

If you have an iPad or tablet at home, Mrs Cownley recommends this app LINGUACUISINE.

Day 5- Friday 3rd

Please click TIGTAG Science to take you to their website.

Search 'endangered animals'  to watch a brilliant video about overfishing

TIGTAG Science

 Friday Science.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 2 Day 5.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Week 2 Day 5.pdfDownload
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Day 4- Thursday 2nd

 ThursdayTopic- Battle of Troy.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 2 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Week 2 Day 4.pdfDownload
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Day 3- Wednesday 1st

Send your work to me via our class email: 

 RE Wednesday.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 2 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Week 2 Day 3.pdfDownload
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Day 2- Tuesday 31st

Send your work to me via our class email: 

 Art.DT Day 2.pdfDownload
 Maths Week 2 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Week 2 Day 2.pdfDownload
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Day 1- Monday 30th

Send your work to me via our class email: 

 English Year 3 Week 2 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Maths Y3 Week 2 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Reading- Diary of a Lively Labrador.pdfDownload
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Your Wellbeing

Below you will find a copy of a 'Coping Calendar' which includes ways to help you stay calm and healthy over the coming weeks. 

I have created a blog called 'Action for Happiness' for you to add photos and comments. Please take time to check in with yourself, your family and friends to make sure everyone is okay! Take care!

Free Audible Stories

I very much miss being able to read to you, but Audible is here to help! 

For the time being, you can listen to hundreds of stories for free! Where will these wonderful stories take you...?

Our Classroom Music

If you enjoy the music we listen to in class... here is the link! 

Everyone needs a little magic!

Mrs L    

Harry Potter Calm Music

Times Tables Rock Stars: Battle of the Bands

Check back here for an update on the the class TTRS Battle of the Bands!

Mrs Lambert's class vs Miss Pereira's class!

Keep going Year 3! You're doing amazing!

Well done to the current top scorers! You're ROCKING IT!

ReadTheory Knowledge Points Competition

Our Current Leader Board

Stefan- 429 KP

Ethan- 357 KP

George- 214 KP

Last week's winners were....

Ethan- 554 KP (Well done Ethan!! You won for Week 1!)

William- 545 KP

Evelyn- 432 KP

Well done to our Top 3! 


Well done to:

Olivia & Felipe- 307 KP

Stefan- 266 KP

Hugh- 231 KP 

Well done- keep up the great work!

Remember- detailed answers earn more points :)

Check back here on Friday to see who has been able to gain the most 'knowledge points' on their daily ReadTheory!

Written answers are worth up to 25 knowledge points!!

Click the 'view common core requirements' button for help on what to include.

A Guide to Sharing on Our Class Blogs

Please see below for a step by step guide to sharing on our class blog.

-Staying in touch

-Random acts of kindness (our Lent blog)

Statutory Spellings Practice

Year 3 Writing