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Second Sunday of Advent: PEACE

Anna has written a lovely acrostic poem about Advent...

Year 4 & Year 5 - Mr Rowlinson

In the event of you having to self-isolate whilst the rest of the class is in school, use the links in the document below to start initial lessons at home.  I will email with resources for lessons that have no links and, where possible, with details of lessons that are going on in school.  You will appreciate that there may be a delay before I am able to get in touch, so please be patient. 

Thank you. 

Mr Rowlinson

Once again, everyone has been working extremely hard and we're all very proud of each and every member of the class!  Well done to all of our young people and thank you to Mrs Baranowska, Mrs Ahmed and Miss Ball for all of their help!

Congratulations to the 'Orphans' and 'Shilling' table groups for being last week's Tables of the Week and to Esme, Patrick & Seb for being last week's Stars of the Week!  Well done as well to Connie for being our Reader of the Week!

P.E. information

Our P.E. days are Monday and Thursday.  Please come to school wearing the correct kit (not school uniform) as we will no longer be getting changed for P.E.

Homework is set on Fridays and should be completed by the following Tuesday.  If this is not possible on any particular week, please can parents let me know at the email address below.

If you have forgotten your login details, please email 

and I will send them to you.


Anna has created a beautiful poster about Advent featuring her own acrostic poem (see the top of this page).  Anna's idea has inspired me to invite you all to create your own poster about what Advent means to you or just the topic of Advent in general.  For me, Advent is a time of hope, peace, joy and love, in keeping with the Advent wreath candle themes, as we remember that this season is a time of looking back at what we have done well and what we can do even better in our lives in the future.  It's especially a great time to think about what we can do for other people.

Please create your own colourful poster and poem on paper or a single PowerPoint slide, take a high resolution, well-lit photo if it's on paper and then email it to the y4y5 email address.  I will add them all to the class webpage.  Thank you!


In class, we have been writing a non-chronological report about Emperor Penguins.  Here is some of your amazing work so far:

You have now started to write your own non-chronological report about your chosen animal.  If you need to complete further research in order to finish your work next week, please do so this weekend. Use internet searches, YouTube videos, books etc. to assist you with your research.  You will need to find information about the following: 

If you have not done so already, choose one picture that you would like to use.  Either print it off at home and bring it into school or email me the picture at the y4y5 email address.

Please bring any additional notes into school on Monday 7th December.


Learn the spellings below for a test on Thursday.  Practise for 10 minutes every day.  If you learn your spellings the night before the test, you will have forgotten most of them a day or two after the test, so please practise a little and often!

Download this week's Look, say, cover, write, check sheet here.


Practise your reading comprehension skills once per week using Read Theory.


Please read, preferably with an adult, for at least 10 minutes every day.  Talk about what you have read and update your Reading Record.  Bring your Reading Record to school every Tuesday so that we can share what you have been reading.



Log in to MyMaths to 'Try the lesson' and then complete the homework tasks about perimeter.


If you have not logged in to Purple Mash yet to complete the three timed challenges, please do so this weekend.  You will have 25 questions to answer in each timed test.  You will have 6 seconds to answer each question.  Can you beat your score each time?


Practise your times tables for at least 5 minutes every day!

You are expected to know all of your times tables fluently by the end of Year 4.  We have talked about a way of learning our times tables through repetition that builds and strengthens pathways in our brains (the video is linked here).  Practise one of your weaker times tables and then test yourself using:

Learn a new times table in 5 days!

Hit the Button

Times Tables Rockstars



Click here for information on how to beat Mr Gowan!



We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!

Catch up with the team at the Briars on the ndcys live YouTube channel....


Grammar and Punctuation links

Mathematics links

Please visit our Physical Education page for Active Anita and our new Virtual Athletics Challenge.

Round 4 challenge.

Do you want to walk for charity like Captain Tom?

Lap for NHS FLyer

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