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Miss Pereira

Please see below for information on homework and work if you are self-isolating at home.

Notices for Parents: Please could you send me your email via the class email: 

Thank you :)


Homework tasks will be set on a weekly basis on Friday, and they will need to have it completed by the following Wednesday. 

Tasks will need to be completed on the sites listed below:


Spelling tests will take place every Friday. The list of spellings for the term is outlined below. Next week's spellings will be on 02/09/2020. Please learn the spellings on that list.

I have also attached 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' sheet under the spelling list to help you practise the words.

Home learning for children who are self-isolating

Suggested daily timetable


 Flooding The Nile Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Parts of a River Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 River Talk Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Rivers of The World Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 The Amazon River Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
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In class, we have been following an approach in English called 'The Write Stuff' by Jane Considine. We apply a method called 'sentence stacking' where you learn grammatical and technical concepts within the context of sentences. 

During lockdown in February till June, Mrs Considine did daily English lessons called 'Super Sentence Stacking'. These videos follow a similar structure to what we are doing in class currently, so you can continue with 'The Write Stuff' approach at home as well.

In the videos Jane does refer to sending work to her through social media, however, these videos are not live, so you wouldn't need to do that anymore.

For your English lesson, you will need your homework book and a pencil or pen.

Here is a list of her writing lessons based on short film clips. Click on the title to be directed to the English lesson. Please complete one each day.

The Piano 

The Small Shoemaker

The Present

Partly Cloudy


For the Birds


Dear Alice


Take me Home

Windmill Farmer

The Wish Granter

Paper Man





Please click here to be directed to the White Rose Maths website. 

Select Year 5 and watch the daily lessons for Week 3.

The worksheet and answers for each lesson are listed below. 

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Afternoon activities:

Monday: RE

 information on Maximilian Kolbe.docxDownload
 LF4 Lesson.pptxDownload
 sentence stems for everyone.docxDownload
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Please click here to be directed to Oak Academy. Please complete activities for the subjects listed below:

  • Geography - Rivers
  • Science - Particles in physical and chemical changes
  • RHE (PSHE) - All Around Me 
  • Computing - Web Page Creation

Year 5/6 statutory spellings

Please revise 10 of these spellings each week.