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Year 5

Mr Plant

Welcome to our Year 5 Class page!

Welcome to our class page. 

In Lent 2, we are studying the Ancient Greeks. The reading and topic lessons will be linked to the Ancient Greeks.

The writing will be tied to the current science topic, Space.  

Writing: Non-Chronological Reports about The Solar System. The book we are basing our writing on is titled Planetarium: Welcome to the Museum. We are then going to write an explanation text to explain how the Planets orbit the Sun. The book is filled with engaging imagery and high-quality writing to help pupils develop their grammar, spelling and punctuation skills. 

Reading: Who Let The Gods Out by Maz Evans. A gripping and often humorous book that tells the tale of Elliot and his wild adventure that leads him to meeting many Greek Gods and Constellations who help him to save the world from the evil Daemon, Thanatos. You can ind this book on Amazon and in Waterstones. In is the first in a trilogy of books written by Maz Evans. 

Maths: Geometry, Position and Movement and Angles and Perimeter. Parent sheets will help to understand the topics and what you can do at home to compliment pupils' learning in school. 

R.E.: Our topics are centred around the importance of Lent. We will be looking at the meaning of sacrifice, and how it impacts the daily lives of ourselves and other believers. We will be studying Judaism as our other religion; learning about The Passover and how their traditions links to many Christians traditions. 

Science: Space. We will be covering what the Planets in our Solar System are, how we get day and night and what the difference is between Heliocentric and Geocentric. 

Topic (Geography and History): We are going to continue covering  the Ancient Greeks as we did in lent 1. We will know why the Olympics were important, how the Greeks invented Democracy, what the famous battles in Ancient Greek history were and where they took place as well as understanding an important historical figure, Alexander the Great. 

Music : Ancient Greek music. 

P.E. Hockey and Swimming.  


Please find below a link to some resources which you might be able to use at home as a family to help focus on your relationship with God and to spend some time in prayer.

Prayer Resources - Thomas Aquinas


Active Anita

Letter for Parents.

Please find their 14 Day Home Activity Challenge.


Dear Parents and Pupils,

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort over these past two weeks. Miss Kersten and I have been really pleased with the effort many of you have put into your home learning tasks. Well done.

Over the Easter break, I will not be setting you any work, however I shall upload a list of suggested activities you could do to keep yourselves busy :)

The Easter holiday will officially end on Monday 20th April. 

Thank you again and happy Easter. 

Mr Plant and Miss Kersten 

This week's bible challenge award goes to Agbon. Well done for your effort. I will upload a picture via the class blog. 

 Easter Holiday Learning Ideas 

In case any of you get a bit bored or fed up over the Easter holidays, I have put together a list of activities for you that you can use. 

  1. Read Theory
  2. Purple Mash for spelling and or other activities such as computing and activities based on our topic of the Ancient Greeks
  3. Times Tables Rock Stars to keep practising those important times tables. 
  4. Spelling sheets below and the spelling assessments on Purple Mash. 
  5. The Arts and Crafts ideas from the document below. 
  6. Our new Easter Blog page I have set up on Purple Mash where you can share anything exciting from your break. 
  7. Easter Holiday ideas from the CAFOD document below.
  8. Mindful activities from the document below. 

Easter Arts and Crafts Ideas 

First News Link - For those who love First News, please click on the link provided. 

Easter Holiday Activity Ideas from CAFOD 

Here are some fun and creative ideas from CAFOD's Lent campaign linked to the study of the Amazon Rain forest. If you are looking for things to do over the Easter Holidays beginning on Friday, have a go at some.  

Action for Happiness Calendar 

Here are some thoughtful ways to stay happy and healthy over the coming weeks. Share what you've done on our weekly class blog. I have created a new post on there for you to add photos and comment. 

Take care everyone! 

Dig out those log ins and get revisiting those all important times tables year 5. I would recommend you have a go at the sound check first to help you recall those times tables facts as quickly as possible. I shall be checking up to see who is top of the leader board! :) If you don't have your log in, then please email me using the class email. 

Spellings for Year 5 and 6 to practise in the afternoons. I have added a look, say, cover sheet to help you practise these spellings more precisely. Aim to practise three times a week please.