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Important information about returning to school on Monday 1st June...

If you are not returning, please head into the online classroom below...

We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!      We're all in this together at STM!

This week's Statement to Live By:


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Year 6 - Mr. Rowlinson


Year 6 have been invited back into school today, but for those of us who are still at home, the lessons for the online classroom are below.

I am looking after Year 5 at the moment, so I may not be able to get back to you as frequently as I did before.  However, I will reply as soon as I can.

Many of the lessons below are duplicated from Year 5; others will require a little more self-management than previously.

If you have any questions, please email me at:

Have a great day and I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

Mr Rowlinson

Monday 1st June 2020


 The timings for the day are all suggested and you are free to change them to suit your circumstances at home. 

However, it would be great if everyone at home participated... please do your best!

How to update a blog in Purple Mash - use the linked instructions when you need to do this.


Let's all start the day with a prayer - Izzy & Maddy are leading us today.



This afternoon, you will be researching the latest technology that transported two American astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) over the weekend.  They will now be living with another American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts who have been there for some time.  Imagine you are one of the astronauts who arrived there yesterday.  Before you arrived, you wrote and sent on ahead a letter that introduced yourself to your new colleagues on the ISS.  Your task this morning is to write that letter.

Consider the audience and purpose of your letter.  Remember that your audience are three people who you don't know, but who you will be living with over the coming days.  Think about the style that you should use - will it be formal or informal?  You don't want to make them cautious about meeting you, but instead want to offer the hand of friendship.  Remember also that the purpose of your letter is to inform your new colleagues about the kind of person that you are.

Please type your letter into the 'Who am I?' blog in Purple Mash.  Remember to check your grammar, punctuation and spelling carefully.  I would like to see examples of relative clauses, modal verbs, parenthesis, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, fronted adverbials and, of course, correct punctuation and spelling!

Here are some things that you might include:

  • facts about you: appearance, favourite foods, hobbies and interests, music, films, books, sport etc.;
  • facts about your family: information that you would like to share about parents, siblings, grandparents etc, what they would say about you if they were asked etc.;
  • your future plans: ambitions for future jobs, places to visit etc.;
  • your feelings about this trip;
  • your personality: what makes you happy, what makes you laugh, what makes you sad, what annoys you etc.

Please remember to type your letter into the 'Who am I?' blog in Purple Mash.  If that's not possible, please email a photo of your work to me.  I look forward to reading it!



Have a well-earned break!



General revision

Here are today's four levels of revision sheets with bronze being the easiest and platinum being the most challenging.  If you find your choice of sheet very easy, then why not attempt the next level as well? 

Please email me to let me know if you succeed at a new level!

Links to the question sheets are below along with links to the answers. Please mark your own work. 

Revision question sheets:  Bronze  Silver  Gold  Platinum

Revision sheet answers:  Bronze  Silver  Gold  Platinum

If you're unsure about any of the solutions, please post your question in the Maths help blog in Purple Mash and I will get back to you as soon as I can (please make sure you state which level sheet the question is from).

Targeted revision

If you're not confident about volume... head to the Year 5 page and have a go at that maths work instead of doing the work below. 

From today, revision will be based on areas where you know you need more practice.

If you need reminders of how to do things, there are helpful videos linked here, plus there are 'Mathematics links' with guidance based on methods we have used in class near the bottom of this page.

Click here to launch the targeted revision activities.  Once you've launched the page, I suggest that you select the Arithmetic Boosters (Codes 1-10) or Reasoning Boosters (11-48) and then select the topic that you would like to practise.  For each question, there is a YouTube link which shows you the working and the answer.

Some of the activities require a password.  Click here if you need it.


Izzy & Maddy are leading us with grace today before we eat.


Enjoy your lunch!

Good afternoon and welcome back!




As you may have seen in the news over the weekend, NASA successfully launched two astronauts into space on Saturday and those astronauts arrived yesterday on the International Space Station (ISS).  This is the first time in nine years that NASA have sent astronauts into space from American soil.

There are many videos on the internet, including on the BBC News and YouTube websites, with footage of the launch and docking with the ISS.  

Your task this afternoon is to research the technology that has taken these astronauts into space.  What are the features of the Falcon rocket, the Dragon module and the astronauts' space suits, and how do they work?  SpaceX are the company who have designed and built the rocket so that it can be re-used.  How have they achieved this?  Create a poster or PowerPoint presentation and please email it to me.

We'll end the day with a prayer - Izzy & Maddy are leading us.


Don't forget the links to First News and the David Walliams story are below!

Have a great rest of the day!

Well done for all your hard work today! 





Watch the Ellis Family playing Project Bingo around Leicester!...

Emelia has been very busy in the kitchen making chocolate pancakes!  Watch both videos and make sure you have an adult's permission before you have a go...


Here is Eliana's impresseive leaflet about Kampala...

Tallulah has succeeded in tempting us to go to Disneyland Paris...

Izzy is telling us why we should visit the Warner Brothers Studios where the Harry Potter films were made...

Fatima has produced this very impressive leaflet about Disneyland Paris...

... and for something a little different, but just as brilliant!

Wow!  These are the incredible posters that you've produced so far!  Well done and thank you to Abi, Aoife, Ben, Davin, Donncha, Eliana, Imu, Izzy, Joseph, Lily, Luca, Lucas, Maddy, Sam G, Sammy, Seb and William.  They are being distributed to the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating people in our parish community!  They have also been posted on the school and parish Twitter feeds.  Additionally, Mrs. Crosse has printed off copies to brighten up the school! Thank you, again!


These are the ones that I've received so far.  All are outstanding! 

Well done to Abi, Adam R, Aoife, Ben, Callum, Charlie, Eliana, Emelia, Fatima, Izzy, Jaeden, Joseph, Sam G, Sammy, Seb, William and Zoe.


Keep calm. Stay wise. Be kind.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Action for Happiness has created a 'Coping Calendar' (see below) which focuses on small actions we can all do each day to look after ourselves and others while self-isolating or simply staying at home.  Please take some time to look at it and discuss the actions with your families and friends.  Check in with everyone to make sure they're OK.


Grammar and Punctuation links

Mathematics links

Active Anita

Letter for Parents.

Round 4 challenge.

Do you want to walk for charity like Captain Tom?

Lap for NHS FLyer

LC and SL Sponsorship Form NHS (1).pdf


Letter to go to Parents.pdf

Let's play some maths games...!

Have a go at one or more of these:

Battleships - click on the link here to play against the computer

Try out some games at

The Sliding Game - click on the link here, read the instructions, then scroll down and play the interactive version.

The Countdown numbers game - click on the link here, read the rules and off you go (if you've not seen it on the TV before, click on this link to see a video of the TV show - the example in the video is a tough one, so don't be put off!).

Jumping Reindeer - click on the link here, read the rules and have a go.  You can print a game board off from here, where you will also find the solution.