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Mr Plant 

Welcome to The Year 6 Class Page 

Hello and welcome back. I hope you had a great half term. This class page will now be used for resources and links. Please make sure you have activated your new class dojo accounts. All of your lessons, links and resources will be uploaded onto there. I will also be providing feedback to you from the class dojo page. It should make things easier and more seamless. Please refer to the email sent out before the half term to parents and carers where you will find the class dojo log in details. 

I will not be giving feedback through the class email system, only on class dojo. The class email will be used fo direct communication with certain parents if necessary. 

On Monday 22nd at 9am, we have a whole-school collective worship. This may mean our reading session starts later. The link is the same as the celebration assembly. 

Kind regards,

Mr Plant 

This Week's Time Table 

Statement to Live By 

This week's statement to live by is here. We shall be doing our collective worship based on this during Monday afternoon's session. I will need some volunteers to help me with this worship. 

20. I try to appreciate the beauty around me. 

Don't forget to check out the NDCYS you tube page. There are many competitions and other exciting activities for you to take part in that aren't just solely focused on R.E. 

Thank you for all the good home learning work from last week. Please keep this up and just try to do your best. It is important I try to see work from across the curriculum. If you haven't yet sent in any work from last week, please send this through to

Friday 12th February 2021 

We made it! Well done to everyone for their hard work this half term. I am so incredibly proud of the way you have all handled the challenges during this third lockdown has presented to us. I know many of you have enjoyed the live lessons as they kept you motivated and inspired to learn. Well done and thank you. I shall try to reply to as much work as possible today. The persuasive letters are sounding great. Don't forget celebration assembly at 9.30 am. 

I have added today's project bingo here. 

What is your Bottle Moment?

Having hope helps us keep going when things are really hard. Your Bottle Moment is the one thing you'd most like to do again when everything is better and back to normal. It could be a friend you'd most like to see, a place you'd most like to go, a hobby you'd most like to get back to, or simply getting a hug from someone special. 

Right now, the Covid-19 pandemic is particularly taking its toll on children. This is why we are calling all KIDS to draw their Bottle Moments!

Please find the document here.

On Times Tables Rock Stars, we are now competing in year groups for the most points. Make sure you get logged on over the half term to rack up the scores year 6. Click here to log in. Well done Arthur, you are currently in the lead. 

Thursday 11th February 2021 

Good morning Year 6! Please find today's lessons attached below. Thank you to all those who have sent work through. Apologies if we haven't yet replied. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We have and do appreciate all of the hard work you have shown this half term.


Maths group at 11am

Readers at 11.30 am 

Reading - We will be reading through chapter 21. There are some riddles to solve!

Grammar - There is a quiz for you to follow through. See if you can write the answers down before being tempted to push the key to reveal them. The quiz is focused on punctuation.

English - To write the main body of a persuasive letter

In this lesson, we will use our planning to write the main body of our letter. Children will also have the optional extra task of writing the closing paragraph.

Maths- To find pairs of values in Algebra (1)

Power Point (including challenge)



Topic - How Islamic thinking spread to Europe

4 – The story of the Italian trader and what he was amazed by during his visit to the Middle East. 

Create a fact file of the information on the sheet. Why was he so amazed? What did he bring back to Italy?

Don't forget to finish your R.E. work from yesterday. Well done to those who have. Thank you. 

Home Learning Work

Week 6 

Here is a little snapshot of some of the great work already going on at home. Keep it up Year 6!

Our Marble Runs

We did a little fun design and technology over the weekend! It was a chance to do something away from our screens. 

4th January 2021 

More information about schooling from home and key worker lists will be coming through shortly. As you can appreciate, the situation has changed very quickly. 

I will be uploaded new powerpoints and activities for the pupils tomorrow. I will then be looking at developing the online provision for the coming weeks. 

Please use the Learning at Home Timetable from last March below to help establish a good home routine ready for the coming half term.  

I shall be uploading work to this class page for 8.30 am. Stay tuned. 

Mr Plant


Letter from Mrs Crosse

Monday 4TH January 2021 


Dear Parents and Carers,
In light of the recent Government announcements regarding school closures until February half term, please find attached a letter from Mrs Crosse and The St Thomas Aquinas CEO. 
Dear Parents and Carers,
If you are a Critical worker and you are required to go into work tomorrow your child/children are able to come into school.  It would be helpful if you can please e-mail the school office to let us know your child's name and what days are needed this week.  If you are unable to e-mail tonight please do not worry they can still attend tomorrow.
This guidance has been updated to include information about the return to school and college in January, and includes the addition of those whose work is critical to EU Transition to the list of ...
If your child is vulnerable, Mrs Slater will be in contact separately to find out if a place in school is required.
If you are not contacted by Mrs Slater but require a place in school please e-mail the school office and a member of staff will be in contact with you tomorrow.
Critical worker and vulnerable children can attend breakfast club tomorrow if needed, there will be staff in school and they should be dropped off at the usual place and time.
For all other  critical worker and vulnerable children coming into school tomorrow  please drop off between 8.30 - 9am.
Children in F2 and Year 1 to come into school at the green gate on Newstead Road.
Children in Years 2-6 to come into school via the side door into the hall.  Children will go to their normal classrooms initially. 
Children should be collected from the same place between 3-3.20pm
Further information will be sent out tomorrow. 
Please remember that school is ONLY open for these children and if your child can stay at home safely that should be the preferred option.  As in the previous lockdown if you are a critical worker but do not require every day that is fine, children should come in only when you are at work. 
For all other children that are now working remotely please go to the school website and your child's class page for further information about home learning.
I hope you are all well and I know how difficult this situation is for all families, but we will get through this together and the staff at STM will do everything we can to support everyone.
God bless.
Mrs Crosse

Charlotte Crosse



St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy

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Updated Lockdown Timetable 2021 

This is a suggested time table to help you all get into good routines at home this half term. 

A Book of Hopes

By Year 6 

In Year 6, we have been inspired by our new reading for pleasure book, The Book of Hopes. These are a collection of short stories, poems, diaries and images created by young people during the first lockdown in spring 2020. In year 6, we have begun to create some of our own. 

The Year 6 Class 


Please have a look at the BBC bitesize home learning page where you'll find lots of great resources, videos and activities for you to do at home if you are feeling a little bored. There are also some lovely Art, Music and P.E. lesson activities on there for you all to try if you are feeling creative. I will be using some of these activities over the rest of the Lent Term to help support our home learning. The link takes you straight to the recommended Year 6 activities. 

Please use the links on this class page to support your child's learning at home and to complete any online activities set from homework. 

Reading Comprehension:

Non-Fiction - The Mars Rover

Fiction - The Clockwork Man 


Use these to help give you a factual overview of the topics this term, including vocabulary, maps and famous persons. 



The maths knowledge organisers for our topics so far are listed below. 

Check out the NDCYS you tube page here for fitness, prayer and discussion videos you can watch in your own time. 

Web Links and Resources for the Lent Term 2021

In the event that your child is self-isolating, please use these links to help support with your child's home learning. I will also send across more specific resources through our class email. 

English Reading

The Dream Snatcher is free if you have a Kindle Unlimited Subscription (0.99 for 3 months offer until the end of Jan)


An honest review of our whole class reading text this term


A visual interpretation of our class book, The Dream Snatcher


Some fun activities all about the importance of reading for pleasure in Year 6

English Writing 

Spelling activities:

Grammar Activities :



White Rose Maths Home Learning

 Arithmetic Year 6

 Maths Games online

 Science Links

Some helpful facts and clips to support your understanding of Evolution and Inheritance


Some free resources such as the knowledge organize that can be accessed through twinkl

The Oak Academy online learning space - The History of Science 

Some interesting lessons based around how our scientific thinking has evolved over time and knowing about the theory of evolution. 

Early Islamic Civilisations links

This term, we will be uncovering the mysteries surrounding Early Islamic Civilisations, and how this advanced society helped us some of the most important discoveries we use today. 

Various resources available:

Links to various video clips for pupils online


Twinkl- Access to some of the free resources such as time lines and knowledge organizers


Further information about the topic, as well as it’s importance within the current curriculum


A useful information booklet detailing many different facts such as the role of Baghdad as a capital of culture and early inventions and knowledge quizzes and useful activities to do at home.


Useful information from The British Museum, backed up with images to support


BBC Teach- Useful video clips to support the topic work

Our Whole Class Reading Text

The Dream Snatcher by Abi Elphinstone 


Moll Pecksniff, a gypsy orphan living in the Tanglefern Forest with her wildcat Gryff, is haunted by a recurring nightmare that pulls her from the safety of her caravan and deep into the forest.

Map of The Early Islamic World 

We all love a good map! 

Apologies about the quality. I will send out an improved version via email. See if you can find an improved version of the Ancient Islamic World and send it into me via the Year 6 class email.  

Lent Topic

Early Islamic Civilisation Background Information to Parents and Pupils

AD 700 - 1258

Period Overview
The Abbasid caliphate based in Baghdad was a successor Empire to the initial spread of Islam
out of the Hijaz (modern day Saudi Arabia) and across the Middle-East. The Caliphs (kings) decided
to build a city to emphasise their greatness and they did this on the site of modern day Baghdad.
During this period the city became a centre of learning and great advances were made in science,
maths and the arts. The city became the effective historical successor to the scientific
advances of the Greeks and Romans. The period ended (proceeded by years of decline)
when the city was sacked by the Mongols, a tie-in with of the period of the nomad
warriors (see the Vikings).

Our Year 6 Entrepreneurs! 

Some of our Year 6 boys have shown how resourceful they can be by creating a superb website highlighting the importance of protecting our environment and linking donations towards the WWF. Please take a look. You will be just as amazed as we all were in Year 6. I might need them to help me update our class page in the future. 

Please click here.

World War Two Theme Day

On Wednesday 25th November, Year 6 travelled back in time to the 1940's for a day filled with fun activities and a focus on applying our Geography and History skills. Pupils were even able to practise an air-raid drill! 

White Rose Maths 

Attached is a link to the White Rose home learning webpage for year 6. You will find a host of resources on here, including video tutorials of how use the written methods  and solve reasoning and problem solving questions. In the event that you are self-isolating or we are forced to work at home, we will direct you to this webpage.

Please do not go through the lessons that the pupils have not yet done. If you are unsure, ask them and they can check with me at school.  

NRICH Maths 

Please find a link to nrich maths here. It is a fantastic website full of puzzles and games that promotes reasoning and problem-solving skills. 

Please find a link to our popular homework site, Purple Mash here. Here you will find a whole hose of activities to complete. There is also a weekly grammar and spelling activity set through this website. 

Reading Comprehension 

Please use these reading comprehension resources to help practise your reading skills. 

  1. Beowulf
  2. The Children of Lir 

Please click here to access the primary 5-a-day Maths we are completing in school. This is a useful and important revision tool to cover the Maths Key Stage Two Curriculum ready for Year 6. On the website, you will find a list of dates. You need to find today's date and then click to download the bronze, silver, gold or platinum activity. 

Please continue to practise your times tables in preparation for Year 6. Click here to access the website. 

Please continue to revise practise your maths skills across all topic areas by completing your My Maths activities online. They are a good way to apply your fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. 

Click here to access the website. 

Please also try this website , 'Hit The Button' , to practise some of your fluency skills. 

Maths Knowledge Organisers

Please use these information sheets to help you and your child revise the topics we have covered in our Maths lessons.

Spellings, spellings spellings! This will be a very important component of pupils' writing when the begin Year 6 and pupils will be expected to spelling most words from the 5 / 6 list.

Please click on the links below to practise the Year 5 and 6 words as well as revise the Year 3 and 4 words (these should be spelt correctly). 

Year 5 and 6 word list

Years 3 and 4 word list

Common Exception Words 

Please use the look, say, cover write and check sheet to support your spelling practise at home. 

Year 3 and 4 spelling test and word list can be found here to help you practise at home. 

Year 5 and 6 spelling test and word list.