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Year 3/4 2020-21


A Welcome Message From Mrs Ramsell and Mrs Cummins!

Hello Year 3/4!

We are really looking forward to working with you all next year.  We know some of you have now not been in school since March and may be feeling a little worried about returning to school but please remember we are both here, along with other adults supporting in our class, to help you settle back in and make sure you feel safe and happy.  If you have any questions you'd like to ask us before you return in September then your parents can email us at and we'll reply when we can. 

We have lots of exciting activities planned for next year so that we can enjoy learning new skills together, as well as develop our learning muscles. We will do our best to make our learning fun and interesting, as well as challenge you, to make sure that you make good progress and are motivated in class.

For your part, we are looking for super effort and a positive learning attitude. We also expect good manners at all times, both in the classroom and around the school.  We hope that you will enjoy your learning, trying hard to challenge yourself, and trying your best in all lessons. 

Have a fantastic summer and we look forward to working with you after the holidays.  God Bless, Mrs Ramsell and Mrs Cummins.

Your Classroom

It is still set up from the Year 6 bubble that was in there previously so it will look different when you arrive in September but we will soon fill all the display boards with your lovely work! 

 Summer Activities

We want you all to have a wonderful summer holiday and to get some well deserved rest but here are some activities you might like to complete during the holidays :) 


First up is the Summer Reading Bingo Challenge.  It's really important that you keep reading over the summer and below is a fun way to make sure you keep turning those pages.  The Bingo cards are in the document below (there are 2 to choose from).  We've also included some recommended reads that you might like to look out for.  Please bring your completed bingo cards in when we start back at school and there will be some prizes.  We'd love to see some photos of you completing this so please feel free to bring those in too!

There are some spelling words that you should try to learn by the end of Year 4.  It would be amazing if you could come back to school in September knowing as many of these spellings as possible.  The list is below for you to practise.  Be creative with how you learn these.  Could you stick some words up around the house?  Could you hold a family spelling quiz? Could you find the words in a dictionary?  Could you write a short story that uses as many of the words as possible? These are just a few ideas to get you started.  

It's also really important to learn your times tables up to 12 x 12. Our times tables help us with many other areas of maths so the more you know the easier you'll find some of the work we'll do.  We still have our school subscription to Times Tables Rock Stars to help you practise (please email if you need your login and password emailing). We've also attached a times tables worksheet below that you can use if you wish.  If you already know all of your multiplication facts, make sure you know all of the related division facts too and try to get faster and faster at recalling them! 

Finally, we want to know a bit about you!  Create a poster that tells us who you are and what you like.  You might include pictures of your family or pets you have, your favourite food or hobbies, places you like to go, subjects you enjoy in school, animals you like, it's up to you!  Make sure your poster is as colourful as possible and bring it in to school on our first day back.  We will make a beautiful display in our classroom using your posters :)

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