St. Thomas More

Catholic Voluntary Academy

Newstead Road, Leicester Leicestershire LE2 3TA

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Welcome to Year 4/Year 5 2020-21 with Mr Rowlinson!

A really BIG welcome to our new class!  We're going to work hard, learn a great deal and have plenty of fun in the process!  I'm REALLY excited and I hope you are too!

I believe we will be joined by a wonderful team of TAs: Mrs Baranowska, Mrs Ahmed, Miss Ball and Miss Randfield, but I'll confirm that as soon as I know.

Let's get started by introducing ourselves!  Hopefully, you've watched the video above, and are now starting to think about the poster that we are all going to make!  Remember, it's all about YOU!  Your poster should reflect your bright and buzzing personality, so make it colourful and use every part of the paper! 

A reminder of the information that you need to include:

  • Your name - including your shortened name if that is what you would like me to call you
  • Things you like to do outside of school: hobbies, sports, music etc.
  • Your favourite foods
  • Your favourite colour
  • Tell me about your family
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Which animal is your favourite and why?
  • Tell me who your friends are at school
  • Very importantly - what do you want to be even better at in school next year?

Please make your poster portrait rather than landscape.  Feel free to draw your poster or make it on a computer - the choice is yours!  Take your time and make it as special as you are!  We will decorate our new classroom walls with all of your work and I'll post them on this webpage too!

Once you've finished, please email me your work, or a high-quality photo of it, to (note it's the Year 6 email address). 

I can't wait to see your work and learn all about YOU!  Thank you!