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Year 6 2020-21


Hello! It's Mr Plant again. 

Welcome to our new class page for 2020-21. I am very much looking forward to having you back next year. For some of you, this will be the third year with me and many of you your second! I think we will have a successful year together and I am confident that many of you are going to be coming back raring to go. As I know all of you, it will allow us save a lot of time at the start of next year and get straight into our learning. In Year 6, there is going to be some new learning but also lots of revision, particularity to begin with, as we will have some gaps to fill after time away from the classroom. This will be a fun and exciting year as head of our school, but it will also be a busy one at certain times so rest up!

Remember, as Year 6, myself and other teachers in the school will be expecting you all to help support and promote good behaviour and attitudes to learning that reflect our school's ethos. This will help set a good example for the lower years in our school and help you all to gain the most from your learning. We will also be carrying out our search for the next house captains when we return in September. Over the holidays, you could be thinking about whether this would be something for you to have a go at. Remember, it will be a boy and a girl from each house to help organise house activities, count house points and support with lining up and behaviour on the key stage two playground. I will confirm your duties when we return. 

Below are some videos of our new classroom and me talking through a few other routines that you will be following when we return. I will shortly be uploading an example of what our time table in Year 6 could look like, although this may change.

Please continue to use our Year 5 class page if you would like to review and revise your key skills in reading, writing and maths over the summer break. Going over these skills will really support your learning in class next year. Plus, you should all have access to your pupil log ins for My maths, Read Theory, Purple Mash and Times Tables Rock Stars. Click here to access the Year 5 page for additional learning and activities. 

Thank you once again and enjoy your summer break.

Mr Plant


Here is an example of what our timetable could look like in September for the first four weeks back while we review and revise our learning from previous years. However, this timetable could change as we start to understand more about what school will look like for us.

 Miss Kersten, Mrs Carroll and myself would love to create a new display for our Year 6 classroom that showcases all of your wonderful talents and unique abilities. After spending months receiving great emails showcasing lots of creativity, we felt like it would be good to have these displayed in our classroom for all of us to see and enjoy. Therefore, we would like you to bring something in on September 1st that you have made or a photo of it. This could include a written piece of work like a story, poem, diary or a another genre of writing, a drawing or painting or a description of your unique talent. It could also be a photo of something you are good at doing or of something you have made. Furthermore, it doesn't have to be something new. It could also be something you have made yourself over the past few months whilst learning at home. We look forward to seeing these. 

Reading Bingo

Feel free to have a go at our reading bingo competition over the summer holidays. I know many of you are real reading ethusiasts. The idea is to read for pleasure as often as possible over the holidays in as many different ways and places as you can. Some of the suggested places and ways are challenging, but also fun. It is designed to get you to try new experiences and enjoy reading. Below this section, there is a list of suggested texts. There are also more to be found on the website 'Books for Topics'. You can search for book titles under specific topic names incluing The Romans and Ancient Greeks. This competition isn't so much about the text type, but rather the experience of reading and enjoying it. I shall be giving out rewards at the start of next year for those who have completed lots of these experiences. Please click here to access the website 'Books fo Topics'. 

Recommended Reads

For all those that need a mindful moment over the long summer break, feel free to look through July and August's suggested activities. The activities have been proven to help us stop, reflect and become calmer, happier individuals. This lockdown and current events can take its toll! I hope these activities can give you some respite in your day.